Cultivating Transcultural Coherence

Part 4 of 4 of -WEIRD Diaspora and Responsible ‘Return’- During my recent travels in Nigeria and Ghana I’ve been having many conversations with native people and other Diaspora travelers and returnees about the potential blessings and blights that returness can bring to the African continent. When asking native people their thoughts on the returnee... Continue Reading →


You may say, I'm a dreamer, but I ain't one asleep.Least not relative to theseSedative soaked streets It may at times be difficult,To delegate between,The greater significance,Of waking life - or dream. When we live in a world,where present realityOf spiritual chaos,And logical fallacy,Exist in this state,Despite potentials so great.It's planned obsolescence,Tumour growth as reference.... Continue Reading →

The Indispensability of Indigeneity

Part 3 of -WEIRD Diaspora and Responsible ‘Return’- ‘Indigenous’ is one of those words that often gets thrown around, misconceived and misused a lot. A simple dictionary definition of Indigenous is “originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native”, yet there are many conflicting opinions on the words meaning. So why is it that... Continue Reading →

The Emerging ‘African’ self

Part 2 of 4 of: WEIRD Diaspora and Responsible ‘Return’ Recap In Part 1 I set out the framing of this exploration through the lenses of systems thinking, cultural evolution and my own first hand lived experience as a UK born African diaspora. I introduce the concept of WEIRD cultures and some of the ways... Continue Reading →

Wakanda is not waiting with open arms

Part 1 of 4 of: WEIRD Diaspora and Responsible ‘Return’ - Mindful Mapping & Misguiding Models For better or worse, there is most likely going to be a continued increase in the African Diaspora ‘Returnee’ phenomena.Spurred not least by events such as Ghana’s year of return. According to figures released by the Ghana Immigration Service,... Continue Reading →

Parables & Play

There are things that lock my tongue up,With the weight of their inflectionSo here I aim to sum up,A resemblance of my reflection. My will's been blowing sideways,Too caught up in the winds.For the compromises I've made,I've lived confined within. It's simple that I love you,Complex what that meansI can't sentence or judge you,An gotta... Continue Reading →

The Bias Beneath Mirrors can be mazes, Labyrinths live in faces. Underlying Influences, Often escape us.  Subterranean forces, that Help or hinder remorse. How much of Our behavior, Is free will or Set course?  Concealed core conditions, Biological impositions. Cognitive crutches, and Adopted superstitions  Prenatal persuasions, Cultural codes Subliminal priming, Or If Penance is owed.  Self confirmed biases,... Continue Reading →

Existential Bias: A Problem of Perspective

Believing that humans are the very pinnacle of conscious existence, is like Neuron cells believing that they are the pinnacle, because they can best do, what they consider to be most important (what they have developed for). The values we hold and project unto 'the world', are shaped by our contextual position within it, and... Continue Reading →

Resonance: A measure of ‘Great’ Art

What makes Great Art? Poetry, Music - Art - is a communication of information.A language. All knowledge is information. All language is metaphorical.So, all knowledge is probably, uncertain. Great Art, resonates with many people, across genres, formats, regions and eras - because it touches closer to a meaning that can never truly be fully portrayed, due... Continue Reading →

Pangaean Drift

Who am I?I'm one of many,With a parent born to 'foreign' lands. Who never taught us their native tongue. Never spoke us the language Their hearts were raised on. Countless empty excuses, But between limping lines, I feel an unspoken reason,Whisper to mind. They came here and weren't welcomed. Even though this lands rule, Had seeped into and sapped many of their own, By a... Continue Reading →

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