Why do I write?


A question I’ve been contemplating a lot over the years.
A question I intend to keep central in my journey onwards.

I’m someone who feels strongly about taking responsibility for the impact that my contributions have on the world we live in.
As much as I am an Artist, I’m also an Activist, and a member of this struggling global community.
So, I must ask myself, why do I write? What do I intend to bring to an age already swamped with endless streams of information and often empty words?
What can I offer to people – to you – who chose to spend some of the finite moments of your existence, reading me?

At this moment in time, the answer would have to be, a challenge.

A challenge to stare this world in the face and know that you have the ability to shape it, to influence its development and to be a part of the story of our times.

I admit, it’s currently quite the shit show to want to take responsibility for.
Often it’s far easier to be the victim of circumstance than to feel that our own input, will impact how a situation plays out.

Now, by this I don’t mean to join the neo-liberal ‘cult of the individual, proposing that if we each separate our rubbish from recycling, we can single-handedly counter the rampant wasteful inefficiencies of a globalised, capitalist, consumption driven economic system. A system which seems set, to strip the earth of every fiber of resource in the pursuit of profit.
– No, because that would be a load of bullshit. Only collective action has any chance of achieving the scale of impact we need for systemic change, at the rate that we need it.

What I do mean, is that we do have a choice in which narratives we decide to consume and propagate.
Stories have power.
Far more than most of us seem to give credit for. So when it comes to influencing the world, I think that taking a moment to check the narrative, is a powerful move.
What stories do you tell yourself, about yourself?
What are the tales that stitch together the fabric of your world view?
And from where do these seeds of suggestion blow?

I write to unearth these rhetorical roots within myself.
To make the subliminal – liminal, so I might better comprehend my own biases and the unconsidered conclusions, to which they lead.
I write to sow new seeds within a society that seems starved of stories of authenticity and genuine vulnerability, in the face of this exponential change and uncertainty.
I write to encourage others to do the same – coz hell knows, no one can do all this alone.

I’m not going to tell you that it’s all going to be alright if we join hands and sing happy songs. We are in the midst of multiple deepening crises.
Biodiversity is evaporating. The acidified oceans are being further choked by micro-plastics. Global income inequality is on a runaway train, spurring on a plethora of public health epidemics and – the Nazis are on a come back world tour.
Not to mention the direct existential threat of runaway climate change
These are just a few heads of the ever complexifying modern-day Hydra that we face.

No wonder most of us feel paralyzed by the beasts many eyed gaze.
But what we often forget, in those hopeless moments, is that ours, aren’t the only eyes glaring back at it.
Beside us, are countless others.
What we need are common stories, that can break down the silos of isolation we find ourselves in, and also facilitate the application of our collective intelligence and strength, to tackling the heart of the Hydra.

The Stories in our hearts are like the Butterflies of Chaos theory. What may seem like inconsequential flutters, can generate storms around the world. Especially when combined with the wings of billions of others.
I write to help bring some synchronicity to the discordant beats of our internal stories, to find order in the chaos, and guide the gales of our strength towards the perfect storm of our collective liberation and actualisation.

Just don’t let the pretty words fool you. This isn’t going to be easy. we have to be honest with ourselves about the increasing trials of the collapse that is already upon us.
The value of resilience can’t be overstated, and nothing builds resilience in a network like diversity. Diversity of people, talents, ideas and stories.
So I invite and urge you, to please, write with me.

It’s no longer enough to simply criticise and deconstruct, we need to start building regenerative systems, yesterday.
Making the move from modern and Postmodern values, into the emerging Metamodern Paradigm.

If any of what you’ve read here resonates with you, please do comment or drop me a message. Getting feedback will really help, to both, keep these posts grounded in their purpose of connecting fellow travelers, and to give wings to new ideas and directions for my writings to ride with.

For now, here’s another poem of mine that I’d like to share.


Truth on a Post

Everyone needs, something
To believe in.
Stories in our hearts,
Shift the stars that we’re seeing.

Maybe, narratives alone,
Don’t comprise the cosmos.
But are relevant elements, to
What’s valued most:


Take away the tales,
That interweave our lives. And
Blank pages
an emptiness

But Increments of ink,
That touch
The hearts of many,
Hold a volume of value,
Never grasped as pound or penny.

So in an era, where
Truth has been
Nailed to a
Sacrificed for the sake of
Emotions appeal.

Where news
Is deemed fake
For views opposing power.
And Parodies
Parade in place of the real.

Stand up!
Speak up!

Be honest when it hurts.
Alienation and silence
Only make it worse.

In this Hyper-reality,
Born from
Post-modern seed.

Where it’s hard
To trust things,
You hear
see and read.

When sound
Reason is trumped
By irrelevant rhymes. In a
Climate of denial.
These are
Dangerous times…

Switch off the double-think,
Nurture critical thought.
Don’t let
Confirmation bias,
Have you
Easily bought.

Find the value of words,
Weigh them well.
Observe and consider,
What you
Heed and tell.

Each is a keeper, of a
Book and a pen.
Which words
do you welcome?
What must be written?

Each is a keeper, of a
Book and a pen.



One thought on “Why do I write?

Add yours

  1. I think your writings are obviously expository on several level. The informativeness of them on political, economic and cultural narratives or systems can be regarded as a really complex ;Inclusive of the different world perspectives and their impacts on the human race and overall existence of humanity (to speak more of). Your views on Nature and natural life in my observation, are talked about in very interesting ways such that there is a crystal clear reveal on the dangers of so called “industrialization”and postmodernism.
    How human activities have depreciated the quality of not only biological /natural life but also the quality of human coexistence cannot be over emphasized. I definitely look forward to reading and contributing to more of your creative and constructive write ups.


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