Breathing holds meaning, beyond
Just survival.
More sacred, than any song, sanctum or Bible.

True revival, of
cells and senses,
like neuro-genesis, in
commune with Cubensis.

Diverge,            deviate and
Dare upon domains reserved for a

As we  Die –
like      Triptomine,
­ ­ ­ ­ while  Methel
meddles in middle.
Zzzip to dream states of
ever present riddles.

Cosmic conundrums,
where do we go and come from?
Simpler Shadows of dimensions,
too complex to mention.

With tongues tamed in
1 temporal 3 spacial….
The sentiment melts
As if      it         were               glacial.

We sense but slices of a story,
occurring in one scene.
Partial perspectives
of a Grander Scheme.

Hidden angles at                edges
Of glass that lΘΘks.
Faint folds
that dwell,
in cracks and nooks.

Eluding the musings
of SOLID obsessed souls.
Blind to their brilliance.
­                              Chasing
­           Regressed

Dancing between fates of
waking fantasies.
Projecting futures that           plan to be
by outdated
maps of reality.

Will denial seal a fated
collapse of humanity?
Is it a –
“Let’s wait and see…” ?
Or is it a –
“Wait, its me
that has an ability to
steer this vessel
through storms with ambitious humility.

Tℜ∀nsfØrm norms to
Regenerative societies.
Give next generations a
Chance of prosperity.

So I


Meditate on motions
that can ride rising oceans.


Sense the needs of soil,
Too tired from its toil.


Soul back into a society,
crippled by austerity.


It all starts
And ends with



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