Resonance: A measure of ‘Great’ Art

What makes Great Art?

Poetry, Music – Art – is a communication of information.
A language.
All knowledge is information. 
All language is metaphorical.
So, all knowledge is probably, uncertain.

Great Art, resonates with many people, across genres, formats, regions and eras – because it touches closer to a meaning that can never truly be fully portrayed, due to its ever emerging and uncertain nature.
Yet the degree to which a Symbol or Artwork can resonate with ‘it‘, 
can be lower or higher – lesser or greater.

Resonance implies Both Multiplicity And Unity.
If there were only 1 thing, there would be nothing for it to resonate with. 
If there were only 2 things – that were completely separate – then they could not find a common frequency to resonate upon.

Art – Creation – Existence itself – is a dance between Multiplicity/Disintegration and Unity/Integration.
We see this pattern throughout all living systems. 
Different enough to not be wiped out by the same pathogen and challenges. 
Similar enough to co-ordinate needs, behaviors and values to co-exist and co-operate in larger collective selves.
Whether on the scale of Multi-celled organisms or a Community of Humans.

Absolute balanced order can never ‘exist’ as a manifest reality. 
Complete balance with no variation is complete unity, a singularity
– in which there can be no resonance between differentiating but relating parts.
No Dance.
No existence.

If all were complete order and uniformity, the complex structures such as the eyes you are reading these words with – Could never exist.
If all was complete chaos, the same complex structures – could never exist.
The same goes for Planets, Stars, Galaxies more. 
Existence rides upon an optimal ratio of Integration/Unity and Disintegration/Multiplicity. 
Neither complete balanced order, nor complete unbalanced chaos.
But a synthesis of the 2 – oscillating back and forth – both and their pattern of interaction.

A resonant fractal harmony, sculpting existence as it rides the rim a gravity well of probability. Transfiguring in ever complexifying, cymatic formations – like a twin headed cosmic serpent, spiraling its way through a primordial sea of potentiality. 
A connecting pattern that resonates throughout existence on all scales.
From the quantum, to the galactic and beyond. 
A kind of unbalanced : balance.

A Ratio. 

Does that ring any bells? 
Well it should. 
We know of such a ratio – And it just so happens to occur particularly frequently in a multitude of mathematical models that describe black holes

The golden ratio Φ

A pattern that supposedly weaves throughout ‘Great’ Art of the ages.

Existence Dances around the Greatest centre of Gravity. 
The intangible abstract core, of a hyper-dimensional Black-Whole, of Nothingness. 
No thing – With the potential to be All things.
A dance of developing axis, pulsating, fluctuating, vibrating and resonating 
– within and without

What makes Great Art?


Does this resonate?


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