Existential Bias: A Problem of Perspective

Believing that humans are the very pinnacle of conscious existence, is like Neuron cells believing that they are the pinnacle, because they can best do, what they consider to be most important (what they have developed for).

The values we hold and project unto ‘the world’, are shaped by our contextual position within it, and achieving a highest value is considered the top of existential meaning. (a highest value of itself)

However, those Neurons, are but some of many making up an organ – a brain, which is one part of a larger organism – a human, which is part of a cultural community, in a society, in an ecosystem, in a Bioregion, in a Biosphere.
If we see these same patterns of life – reoccurring throughout ‘natural’ systems and resonating with ‘the golden ratio’ – throughout the universe and on all scales – from the Quantum to the Galactic – why would a field of consciousness not be able to manifest at the larger scale of say… a planet? Or even a solar system for that matter?

Many people claim that “the human brain is The most complex structure in the universe“. But isn’t an entire planet – containing 7+ billion of those brains, plus all the other organic life, plus all the cultures and geographies, oceanographies, electromagnetic fields as well as seismological, climate and weather patterns ect.
Plus all the ways in which all these systems interact (and how those interactions interact) – a bit more complex that just 1 Neuronal Node in a larger organism?
Is the Earth, not a more complex system, than 1 single human brain?

For that matter, isn’t our solar system – the milky way even?
You get the picture.

The thing is, the most complex thing ‘in’ the Universe – is the Universe.
For those who say the Human brain and mind to be the most advanced and complex thing around..

I ask – why not use it to imagine more?


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