The Bias Beneath

Mirrors can be mazes,
Labyrinths live in faces.
Underlying Influences, 
Often escape us. 

Subterranean forces, that
Help or hinder remorse.
How much of Our behavior,
Is free will or Set course? 

Concealed core conditions,
Biological impositions.
Cognitive crutches, and
Adopted superstitions 

Prenatal persuasions,
Cultural codes
Subliminal priming,
Or If Penance is owed. 

Self confirmed biases,
Masked as rational sense.
Or any number of other
Influential elements. 

Oxytocin’s been boastin’
‘Bout the brilliance of brethren.
While belittling and brandishing
The other as irrelevant. 

Add some
Insula induced Intolerant disgust.
And Amygdaloid paranoid fear,
To kill trust

For a culture of conquest,
That exploits to exist.
And invalidates souls,
That dare to resist. 

About every genocide
Relied On ‘pseudo-speciation’.
Deep otherness mythologised,
A De-humanisation. 

A breakdown of bonds,
A building of barriers.
Cancel community,
Assemble Aircraft carriers. 

You know that –
“Can’t feed the poor”.
But can fund a war.
Priorities set, to
kicking down doors. 

Kids under arrest,
For shotin’ a draw.
While legalised murder,
Wins rounds of applause. 

But just as myths Can draw out our worst,
They have the potential To foster and birth,
New concepts of kinship, That far override
Colonial tactics, That conquer divides. 

Cooperative compounds,
Coexisting concepts,
Collaboration considering,
Collective contexts.

The realms of possibility,
Ripple out from our position.
Will the end of this way of life,
Be our unmaking, Or our mission? 

Deliberate diverting
To doing things differently?

Or drift
into multiple global
systems failures…

No one can do all that alone.
Nor do we need too.
Re-humanising creates allies and
More Perspectives to see through. 

A system for the many,
Can’t be written by a few.
From societies of seeds,
Are how the forests grew. 

We shape our environment,
And Vice-Versa is true.
So let’s co-create one,
That lets
Our Best
shine through.


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