Parables & Play

There are things that lock my tongue up,
With the weight of their inflection
So here I aim to sum up,
A resemblance of my reflection.

My will’s been blowing sideways,
Too caught up in the winds.
For the compromises I’ve made,
I’ve lived confined within.

It’s simple that I love you,
Complex what that means
I can’t sentence or judge you,
An gotta liberate my dreams.

For this our will paths part,
No doubt we’ll feel the cold.
The rhythm m of our hearts,
May skip a beat, or bust and fold…

A gambit or a given,
A chance or a choice.
As long as I’m still living
I’ll cherish that I have a voice.

For too long I’ve lain dormant.
Awaiting my souls spring.
But I am who I’ve been waiting for
To permit my lips to sing.

I’ll break the line of symmetry,
If that is what it costs.
Cuz there’s chaos in the magic,
Of creating what is lost.

A vibrancy of courage
To embody my volition
The honesty to realise,
I’ve had what I thought missing.

No excuse to hide behind,
No hidden cop-out clauses.
This poetry’s been being framed.
By ever growing pauses.

There’s value in the silence,
When delicately held…
But Punctuation, puns and Pivots,
Love to meet and meld

With metaphor and medley
Meaning and madness.
Whether stroking outer bounds,
Of wonder, Joy or Sadness

sun does shine ☀️
Rain does fall 💦
I’ll hold mine, 🌱
We will flow. 🍃

Down rivers of requiem,
Rhythm and recital.
Up molten magma mountains,
That birth phoenix revival.

On currents in the clouds
And the whirlwinds that they spin.
And this element that breathes through me,
Manifesting what’s within.

The star dust is dancing.
It dissipates, then forms again.
A web of worldy wonders.
The page the pen.

Ever co-creating,
Transfiguring array.
Web of unworldly wonders…
Parables and play.


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