JJ Akinlade is an Writer, Poet, Performer, Facilitator and Arts Activist, who creates in many forms.
An upbringing in South London and a taste for World travel, have inspired his love of drawing together a complex array of stories and perspectives.

Much of his work is about encouraging critical reflection on our Human conditions and the contextual environments within which they develop.
Whether with words, visual images or growing edible gardens, he sets out to motivate radical change in the ways in which we, as empowered, co-directing collectives can organise ourselves around sustainable principles of cooperative mutual aid.

Some notable commissions include Writing and performing as part ‘Architects of our republic’ at the South Bank Center for Apples and Snakes in 2013 and As Story teller for Battersea Arts Center’s 2016 London Stories.

JJ has facilitated poetry and performance workshops for The Albany – Summer Arts program, Writerz & Scribez, South Side Young Leaders academy and ‘Rethink Mental illness‘ to name a few.
He has also provided a host of other sessions ranging from gender equality workshops with The Great Men Project, to London wide Food Growing workshops with  Urban Growth London.


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