The Bias Beneath Mirrors can be mazes, Labyrinths live in faces. Underlying Influences, Often escape us.  Subterranean forces, that Help or hinder remorse. How much of Our behavior, Is free will or Set course?  Concealed core conditions, Biological impositions. Cognitive crutches, and Adopted superstitions  Prenatal persuasions, Cultural codes Subliminal priming, Or If Penance is owed.  Self confirmed biases,... Continue Reading →

Robert Wedderburn – A Black History Life

So first off, I have to add this caveat: The fact that 'Black History month' even still needs to exist as a concept, exposes the extent of the whitewashing the prevailing Historical narrative. When we have a month dedicated to events and figures who have been very intentionally left out of the curriculum, yet let... Continue Reading →

Why do I write?

  A question I've been contemplating a lot over the years. A question I intend to keep central in my journey onwards. I'm someone who feels strongly about taking responsibility for the impact that my contributions have on the world we live in. As much as I am an Artist, I'm also an Activist, and... Continue Reading →

A Pledge of Presence

For the several years now I've been on the fence. Only occasionally dipping my toes into the arenas of stage and page. Why? Well, no doubt in part due to my beliefs about my own self worth. It's no small thing to be the loudest voice in the room. Elevated on a platform, amplified with... Continue Reading →

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